When, how and what inspired you to start blogging?

Joey’space started in January 2010 when I was bored.

I guess blogging wasn’t something new for me because I had two blogs before Joey’space but sadly, none survived over a year. It was back in the uni days where there wasn’t a clear focus, all the posts were random with no purpose. But I guess they meant a lot at that point of time.

The idea of blogging came back end of 2009 when things with my previous relationship weren’t looking too good. We were on the edge of splitting after being together for over 3 years, I felt like I have no one to talk to. And so I “spoke” to this space. During that vulnerable period of time, I channeled my energy to writing product reviews, creating looks and talking to people online.

Although I am not a conversation starter in real life, I like to meet people – especially people who share the same interests. I love to share beauty tips with people, help them dress up and apply the “right” makeup. I also like to bring my family and friends to restaurants and places they have not yet been to.

Blogging has become my form of antidote for stress (and an excuse to shop, explore places and travel) but ironically speaking, there are stressful times too – when I can’t finish reviewing a summer collection when fall is almost over.

How do you keep up with blogging, working and living?

I try to strike a balance between everything I do although at times, a full review takes away more of my time. Scheduling posts and having a day or two per week strictly for blogging have proved to be helpful – for me, so far.

What camera(s) do you use?

Photos you see dated from 2010 to early 2011 are most likely taken with my very old Canon Digital IXUS 120 IS.

On Christmas 2010, I received the awesome Canon PowerShot S95 from my lovely sister and this is the camera I have been using since early 2011. Photos you see today are mostly taken with the “monster” Canon PowerShot G1X that Mak got me for my birthday.

2013 proved to be a fruitful year for cameras. Two new Olympus joined the family of Canon — Olympus Stylus XZ-10 and Olympus Stylus TG-2 (highly recommend this camera for a beach vacation, it’s an underwater camera and captures beautiful landscapes too; pictures taken in Maldives using this camera).

Which are your favourite beauty brands?

I think this is the most difficult question to answer because all brands have something I like, lust and wish for.

I have the most Chanel, Dior and NARS in my collection so ya, I guess they are my favourite beauty brands. Brands like Illamasqua, Giorgio Armani and YSL have some of my favourite items too. I like Bobbi Brown concealers, Lunasol nail polishes, Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ foundations, Inglot eyeshadows, Burberry lipsticks, Guerlain Météorites and the list goes on.

Where do you shop for your clothings, bags, shoes and accessories?

Clothes from M)phosis can never go wrong – pair those plain pieces with some funky, loud accessories and I am ready to rock the night. I love clothings from Warehouse, Guess, iRoo and Miss Selfridge – they are not overly feminine but with an edge, very chic.

I love big shoulder bags and totes from Prada, Miu Miu and Givenchy. Shoes can be from Staccato, Aldo and Guess.

I pick up accessories from random places, there isn’t any particular place I shop at. Because I am in plain coloured clothings most of the time, I usually look for large, colourful, chunky statement pieces to spice up my outfits.

How do you organise your makeup?

I am quite lucky at the moment to have a “studio” in my apartment to keep all my makeup, accessories, books, magazines and fragrances. This “studio” also comes with a makeup table where all the magic happens.

Main bulk of my makeup are stored in drawers. I have six drawers in total – 1 for nail polishes, 1 for lips, 1 for eyes, 1 for cheeks and palettes, and 2 for storing extra items (1 for skincare and 1 for makeup). In these drawers, I have little muji containers which acts as dividers so I can sort the items according to brands.

Because the drawers are shallow, I keep my face products (sunscreens, primers and foundations) in separate muji drawers on my makeup table. I keep all my makeup brushes in muji drawers too.

What do you do with “old” makeup and makeup that doesn’t work on you or items you do not like?

I keep them for a bit and try them one or two more times to make sure they really don’t work for me or I really dislike them. Depending on what items they are, I would either give them to my sister, friends or host a blog sale.

“Old” makeup can be tricky because I hardly stick to expiry rules. If the item is in some form of special packaging, say MAC limited editions, I will keep them in a box as keepsake. If the items are generally too old to use, I will either toss them away or use them for face charts – random doodling.

How do you get inspired for the looks you create?

Colours and textures of the products inspires me so does the weather and my mood.

I get inspired by looks from a magazine or looks seen on a celebrity but I rarely recreate them. I believe we all have our own unique features. I tend to reinterpret them and create looks I will wear and guide you through the steps to achieving that particular look. Many of the looks I create are quick and easy, I try to add a little twist every now and then to spice things up but really, wear what makes you happy and feel good – because isn’t that what makeup suppose to do?

With the correct colours and technique, makeup can enhance our natural features – this is the beauty of makeup and it’s temporary. Explore the different ways of creating a winged eyeliner, end of the day, if you make a mistake, you can wipe it off with a remover.

“Don’t be too serious; it’s only makeup!” François Nars

Do you have a facebook page?

I have a personal facebook account which I previously linked to the blog so “old” friends can find me. However, I do not have an official facebook page at this point of time.

Which are your favourite false eyelashes?

False eyelashes are one of the greatest invention – for me. I love them and I cannot imagine life without them. False eyelashes helped my eyes look bigger and brighter, oh my.

I am currently loving D.U.P 913 Brown Mix Edition. Ardell 120 Demi Black is also one of my favourites. Shu Uemura Partial Soft Cross and Natural Volume 01 are gorgeous too. MAC makes some really awesome, long and full on lashes as well if you are feeling adventurous.

I also like to pick up brand-less boxes of 10 false eyelashes from pushcarts – they are super affordable, works out to be about S$1-2 per pair but less durable.

Which hair salon do you visit and who is your stylist?

I have been with Kelvin Low (my stylist) for over 8 years and he is now with Essensuals Hairdressing at Bugis (above Burger King).

Where do you get your brows done?

I do them myself and I have done a step-by-step tutorial here – from shaping to filling in and all the tools I use for my brows. Occasionally, I visit Browhaus for threading and I love how neat my brow area looks after threading – all the little hairs are gone.

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