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The Sims 2 Expansion Packs

The Sims 2 Expansion Packs

University Expansion Pack

Your Sims are taking over campus.

Your Sims are now young adults leaving home to live the ultimate college fantasy. They will relish their new-found freedom as they party with friends, join fraternities and sororities and pull outrageous pranks.

Help them fulfill new lifetime goals to unlock more rewards and reap all the benefits of their university years.


Not my favourite but it’s good to have as your Sims get extra time to master extra skills which will benefit them in lots of ways.

I love the clothing they have designed for young adults.
Very fashionable.

I also like the rewards and new jobs Sims have after graduation.
Makes working a lot more fun.

Nightlife Expansion Pack

Send your Sims on an epic night out.

You Sims are on the town hitting all the swanky hot spots. Whether they’re dancing until dawn, romancing that special someone or striking out at the bowling alley, it’ll be an unforgettable night.

Will their life aspirations and personalities click or clash? It could be the beginning of a stormy affair or a dating disaster.

Ready for fun and romance?

Night Life
Personally, I don’t send my Sims down town. Maybe once during rare occasions if I decide to turn my Sim into a vampire.

I like all the other items Night Life has to offer.
Cars especially.

Open For Business Expansion Pack

Your Sims get down to business.

Now your Sims can create their own businesses. They can design their own clothing boutique, beauty salon, florist, bustling restaurant chain or almost any type of business.

Hire your staff as the business grows and put talented Sims to work making toys, running the register, crafting floral bouquets
or manufacturing robots.

Will they build a thriving business empire or become eccentric entrepreneurs designing the next big time?

Open for Business

This is definitely one of my favorites.
I love the concept of owning and managing their own businesses.

Try fishing at the pond and start a hyper-mart business.
You can also cultivate your own crops to sell.
Your hyper-mart is no longer a cold storage, it’s more like Tesco.

Pets Expansion Pack

Create the perfect pet for your Sims to train, play with and love throughout a lifetime. Pick everything from their paws to their personality.

Choose from dozens of popular dog and cat breeds like Schnauzer and Siamese. Your Sims can teach their pets tricks, take them for a romp in the park to meet other furry friends or buy them toys, beds and much more.


This can be fun at first for those who loves pets and those who dreamt of having pets but can’t in life.

I love Dalmatians and Huskies but I have almost stayed in apartments. Never got the chance to own them as spaces in apartments are real small and I don’t want to confine these big dogs.

With The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack, I can now have pets feeling carefree.

Seasons Expansion Pack

Enjoy all four seasons with your Sims.

Head outdoors for year-round fun with your Sims. New seasonal activities await your Sims including snowball fights, chasing fireflies, jumping in leaf piles and more.

Strengthen family ties in Winter, let romance bloom in Spring, deepen the bonds of friendship in Summer or fast-track your career in Fall.

Dress your Sims appropriately or face the consequences.


Now, here comes my favorite expansion pack of all time.

I am sure this is many of your favorite too.
Graphics for Seasons are so real, even the sound effects of thunder storms and rain drops.

This is so cool.
A must have.

For tips on how to catch butterflies/fireflies and getting a wishing well for your backyard, read the comments by other Sims Fanatics here.

Bon Voyage Expansion Pack

Whisk your Sims away from their everyday routines and take them on exciting trips to three exotic locations.

Whether relaxing or a lush tropical island in a luxury suite, camping with the family on a pristine mountaintop or exploring the culture of the Far East, your Sims will enjoy new activities to relax and rejuvenate.

Send your Sims packing for the trip of a lifetime.

Bon Voyage

I bought this set the last.
Remember The Sims On Holiday? I didn’t like it but since I have rest of the expansion packs, why not collect all of them?

I was amazed!
My Sims can own a home abroad and meet the cave man.

Free Time Expansion Pack

Reward your Sims with a variety of fun, new activities.

Now your Sims can rediscover the joys of leisure time. Awaken your Sims’ true passions in life as they discover and excel at all-new activities.

Your Sims will even unlock secret rewards by mastering their hobbies and advancing all-new careers. Explore a variety of new hobbies that will change your Sims’ lives.

Free Time

This made the lives of my Sims so much more interesting and real.
I love it when my Sims become great chefs
and make mouth-watering meals.

Apartment Life Expansion Pack

Move your Sims into the close-quarters drama, humor and excitement of apartment life.

Your Sims are moving into a brand-new apartment and their lives will never be the same. Adventure, fun and drama await them as they meet new people and explore their new neighborhood.

Will they take their kids to the local playground, mingle in coffee shops or hit the park to learn from the break dancers?

Whether they live in artsy converted lofts, the ultimate studio bachelor pads or luxury apartments with their own butler, your Sims will experience all the excitement of apartment life.

Apartment Life

Another one of my favorites and must have.
Love the additional architectural structures that comes with this expansion pack.
The flip-down bed and furnitures too.

Anyone knows how to build your own apartments?

There isn’t an option for it.
Not like how we can choose when we buy/build on an empty lot.

Any cheat codes available?

It will be so much more fun if we can tho.

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