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Happy Birthday To You

Thailand Trip 015

We set off early morning Saturday. Kinda relieved we could check-in early to freshen up. We stayed at The Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. The located was brilliant. Walking distance to MBK Center (about 5 mins), Siam Paragon (just across the overhead bridge), Erawan Shrine – The four-faced Brahma (about 15 mins).


After refreshing ourselves, we went across to Siam Paragon’s Food Court for lunch. Had a walk around the hotel. Lots to shop and there are about 3 to 4 massage parlors around that area which is absolutely great. At 6pm, we went for full-body Thai massage and off to Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

Had a wonderful dinner and it’s shopping time. I was amazed with the variety and quality of some shops have in terms of clothing and accessories. It has definitely changed since I last visited Bangkok – say 10 years ago.

We had so much fun bargaining for better offers too.


Had an early night as we had to set off at 7:30am for our half-day tour today. Took a boat ride to the temple. Fed some fishes and visited the jewelry factory. The tour finished at 10:45am.

Thailand Trip 036

If you are a tourist in Bangkok during the weekend, you will not miss the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This place is huge and I mean really huge. But of course, you can read up the shopping strategies one wrote. We just went with the flow.

Lunch was bad. The food were all cold and guess what? I found a yellow worm in my rice after almost finishing the entire plate.

Thailand Trip 048

We spent about 4 hours at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Not sure how much we have covered but we are surely happy people with the amount of shopping we had in our hands.

Thailand Trip 053

Towards the end of our shopping spree, we ended up at the pet section. The puppies were so adorable. I want to bring them home. All of them. Took the MRT back to our hotel, drop our shopping bags and went foot massage. We needed that.

Foot massage around our hotel area cost 300B for an hour. When night falls, we took a tuk-tuk to another well known night market.

Thailand Trip 058

Patpong Night Market.

It was really happening, filled with street performances, pubs and watches selling at 100B each.

Please be careful with your belongings. Also, try not to be tempted to enter the go-go clubs as there are cases whereby tourists were forced to pay a large sum of money. It is best if your tour guide is willing to take you.

We had a mini count down at a local pub.


Woke up a little later this morning, just in time for breakfast. A wide variety of food for breakfast. Not to be missed.

Explored MBK Center after. The interior of MBK was kinda different compared to the facade. I didn’t expect it to be like Funan Digital Mall or Sim Lim. Different level features different things. If you are looking for handphones, iPhone accessories, DVDs, VCDs and computer softwares, you may wanna pop by MBK – lots of choices.

Thailand Trip 103

We received a surprise birthday cake from the hotel.

Woooow. None of us expected that. It was really nice for the management. I was joking and said I arranged it. He believed and said “How can the hotel be so nice?” Ok la, I did come clean in the end.

Had seafood for dinner at China Town after the “show”.

Thailand Trip 115

As you can guess, we were really hungry. A rather satisfying last supper for us. Flying with Thai Airways, staying at The Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, airport transfers and half-day tour cost us S$550 per person.

We had a great trip and spent less than S$1200 for the entire trip.

Love Bangkok.

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