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Chinese New Year Shopping

Great excuse to spend some money without feeling guilty.

Yes, I went on several shopping sprees with my sis and cousins.
We start early to avoid the crowd and traffic.
Not that it helps as everyone is doing their last minute shopping too.

So, where did we go?
What did we do?

And what did I buy?

Had brunch at Meritus, Chatterbox.
This is the first time we visit since the major renovation last year.
Impressive lobby.

But Chatterbox?
It disappointed us a bit.
It looks like a high-end food court, that’s all.

Mummy used to bring us for Chicken Rice when we were kids.
I think this is their 3rd renovation
and it’s probably the worst.

We went ION Orchard as we have not fully explored this new shopping mall.


The interior reminds me a little of Vivo City but more atas (high-class).

No doubt, I visited Giuseppe Zanotti Design.
Click here to see what I bought during my day trip to KL last month.
I fell in love with another pair.
I held back.

So bloody tempting.

I must say, ION has become one of my favourite shopping malls.
I doubt I will get anything from the top floors but the shops at basement are amazing.

There is Bershka and Kikki.K amongst all my other favorites.

I bought lots of T-shirts from Bershka.

And of course, I went crazy at M)phosis.

I love their clothings very much.
There are simple, plain and easy to match.

M)phosis is the one shop I can’t live without.
Almost half my closet is filled with this brand’s tops, bottoms and dresses.
Even shoes and flip flops.

I bought some makeup, false eyelashes, contact lenses and underwears too.

This guilt-free but deadly shopping spree cost me almost S$2000
if not more.

Share with me what you have bought for this Chinese New Year too.

2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Shopping

    • Yes, all the shopping certainly made me a happy human bean – so far… until I get my credit card bill through the mail!!

      Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

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