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The Majestic, Malacca

The Majestic Malacca was originally commissioned to accommodate the growing family of a Chinese tycoon named Leong Long Man. Construction of the mansion begin in 1927 and was completed two years later in 1929.

The home was then handed down through generations before it was finally sold to Lim Heng Fang in 1955, who converted it into a hotel and called it The Majestic.

The hotel became a major stop along the Bunga Raya streetway, attracting global travellers, merchants and dignitaries and also acting as a meeting place for British residents of Malacca.

Dwindling business caused it to close down in 2000 and for six years it remained dormant until it was acquired by YTL Hotels in 2006. Restoration quickly commenced and The Majestic Malacca, YTL’s first Classic Hotel was born in January 2008.

The Lounge.

The Bar.

The Library.

I fell in love with the interior and I just can’t stop snapping pictures.
I took pictures of literally everything
and I mean everything.

My favorite.
The bedroom of course.

Its open-concept guest room is simply genius.

The bed is extra huge.
Isn’t the bath tub a little too irresistable?

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