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A Brilliant Way To End A Hectic Week

Living in a small city, which day isn’t busy?

Having a long, hot bubble bath would be just the thing we need to end a ridiculously busy week. And start afresh for a fabulous upcoming week. One of my favorite bubble baths is the Ma Bar by LUSH.

Ma Bar is a honey-chocolate-toffee scented bubble bath. It shares the best-selling fragrance of Honey I Washed the Kids soap and melts under the running water creating into the bath. How can you help yourself from smiling while being surrounded by millions of fluffy chocolate bubbles?

With bergamot and sweet orange, the aromatic effects are balancing and uplifting too. Melts in the bath, not in your hands. Say “hello” to my rubber duckies, my bathing companions.

Bought these rubber duckies during my trip to Hong Kong last year. Needed something to decorate my boring bathroom. Say “hello” to my happy feet, nail vanish by MAC lillyland collection. Check out my nails in Lillyland here >

Say “hello” to my mummy duck, the queen of bath.

Bought a soap holder too. Having Snowcake by LUSH on it at the moment. I had mine this afternoon, have you had yours?

Having a hot bath once a week is good enough to distress and detox. I normally scrub my face and body after a hot bath. It is easier and more gentle to the skin if you scrub right after a hot bath. The heat and steam have opened up your pores, making the removal of dirt trapped in them an effortless task.

Remember to rinse your face and body with cold water after a hot bath, even if you did not scrub. This will help close your opened pores and prevent any dirt from entering.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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