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Benefit Has Landed

Look what I found in my letter box today!!

I am so excited and
I can’t wait to rip it open.

But before that, let me snap a few photos.

I ordered online at Benefit Cosmetics on the 22nd February 2010 as you can see from picture above.
I am kinda surprised the shipment reached me so fast.

I was expecting more like 30 days from their FAQ.

Cute sticker.

Here are the items I bought.

Bluff Dust
A redness concealing powder.

Dr. Feelgood
A velvety complexion balm.

A combination of Benefit’s 3 famous face powders.

You’re Bluffing
A redness concealing wand.

High Brow
A brow lifting pencil.

This eyeshadow is free and I received samples of High Beam and their latest product, Stay Don’t Stray.

Shipping was free too for orders over US$115.

I have never shopped online before I started one myself.
But, honestly – I think I have fallen in love with online shopping.

Don’t you feel;-

  • lazy to go down town just to pick up a few things?
  • that some Beauty Assistants have the wrong attitude?
  • that some of them are just trying to hit their sales target?
  • that some of them are trying to make you like what they like rather than recommending exactly what you are comfortable with?

I literally took control over what I like and what I want when I shop online.

No one is watching me.
No one is trying to sell me anything.
No one is beside me, pushing.

Feels GOOD.

11 thoughts on “Benefit Has Landed

  1. jealous sia! haha! i ordered from benefit on the 18jan and it has not reached me yet cos they somehow managed to get my address incomplete, and now the parcel is missing and they are very unresponsive thru emails *sulks*

  2. nadah, cos they delivered by deusche post den once it reach SG it will be delivered by Singpost and singpost cannot track via the “tracking number” they provided. in the last emailed they replied me, they told me to wait till 23 march, will cross fingers and hope that my benefit stuffs will arrive soon!

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