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Jennifer & I: The Shopaholics

A warm welcome to Singapore, Jennifer. I get to see her every two years, if I am lucky. She is my great friend from Hong Kong, living in the UK. After she left, I realised, the only decent photo during her visit is the one above.

The rest are either shoppings, drinkings, drinkings and more drinking. Let’s start with some sober activities. I brought her down town to shop around. Takashimaya, ION and Vivo City during several occasions. We visited Aesop at Takashimaya. I love their interior decorations. So simple and organised.

I really like their packaging too. Nothing fancy. Clean and minimal.

I bought a Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque, Tuberose Lip Heal and Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque.

I have heard good reviews about Aesop products but I must say the smell of some Aesop products can be rather subjective to individuals
because most of its ingredients are plant-based.

After warming up at Aesop, we went crazy at ION.

Bought more clothes from Bershka.

From kikki.K Stationery & Gifts.

DIY Desk Calendar.
I am not a very DIY person, in face, I am lazy.
I fell in love with the concept of this DIY Calendar and it took me some time to decide if I will spend time to dress it up throughout the year.

Ok, I am determined to do it for 2010.

Sticker Books.
To further aid the making of my DIY Calendar, I bought 3 of their Sticker Books.

Bought the Magic Dots too.

I have a huge bum and it is difficult to find a pair of shorts that fit.
So, here it is.

A pair of shorts from River Island.

How can we miss Sephora at ION?

Have been spending too much lately and after Benefit has landed, I am left with one thing in my head.

Sugarbomb by Benefit.

4 flattering shades of peach,
soft plum, shimmering pink and rose powders.

Amazing dress from Warehouse.
I am impressed, I can still fit in a size 6.

Let’s celebrate with rosti.

Was at Vivo City during the launch MAC’s Spring Colour Forecast.

Three lustre lipsticks for me.
Radiccio, Laugh A Lot and Hug Me.

This pretty much summarized my shoppings during Jennifer’s visit.

What an expensive visit, Jennifer!!

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