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LUSH From The UK

Jennifer was here last week!!!

Just a week before departure, I gave her a list of things to buy from LUSH.
Can’t find them during my recent Taipei Trip.

These are the LUSH from the UK.
She even picked up a copy of LUSH TIMES for me.

Had to try the Bath Melts.

The Shower Smoothies simply sound too delicious to miss.

And most of all, the Colour Supplements are the ones I wanted to try most. It comes in 4 colours, light pink, dark pink, light yellow and dark yellow.

For sure I am not pink but I am not sure if the light yellow suits me more or the dark yellow. So, the best way is to get both.

At least I can mix them together if neither works.

The Colour Supplements are blended with soya rice bran oils. These ingredients are light and apparently does not have the negative effects on our skin like mineral oils would.

We can either mix it with our moisturizer for a natural tint or use on its own as a foundation.
We can also use it as a concealer.

Sounds interesting.

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