The Journal

Aunty In 2 Months

I am excited already. I am going to be someone’s Aunty. And I am sure Princess Leia will love me as her Aunty. By the way, my little niece’s name is not Leia. I just love that name. She has no english name yet.

Hopefully her parents *hint hint* will adopt this nice name – Leia. Princess Leia is due soon and we are starting to decorate her room.  The theme is SAFARI. Wall decals from my Thailand Trip earlier this year.

Wall decals by Fisher-Price.

Man, I miss Fisher-Price.
I used to have all those “masak-masak” toys by them.
The quality are amazing.

As for their wall decals, no doubt, the quality is superb.
They are rubbery instead of those typical paper type and these decals can be removed and reused.

Decorations for Princess Leia’s crib.

Thank you Jennifer for the gifts and bringing that massive box of Fisher-Price wall decal to Singapore.

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