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Buffing Grains For Face

Have you tried Buffing Grains for Face by Bobbi Brown?

Why have you not?

This is my second bottle.
And today I am going to tell you why I like it so much.

These luxurious grains can be mixed with any cleanser or water to create a fully customized, gentle exfoliator for the face.

This product is formulated with Japanese Adzuki Bean Powder to help remove dry surface patches and encourage skin cell turnover.

After exfoliating, my skin feels a lot softer and smoother.

This is how the grains look like.

I prefer using milk cleanser for this procedure.
The density of milk cleanser can “hold” the grains a lot better during the exfoliation process.

For those who find the grains too rough, milk cleanser creates an extra layer of film around the grains, making it smoother during application.

The perfect mixture.

Most facial scrubs in the market are pre-mixed.
That way, you can’t exactly control the amount of grains to the amount of cleanser.

Buffing Grains for Face is my favorite because I can use my own cleanser which prevents my skin from breaking out.
I have sensitive skin thus I try my best to stick to one cleanser.

Depending on the condition of my face, I can adjust the amount of grains to use.

And when I travel, I pack some in a zip-lock bag, light and easy.

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