The Journal

Tea With Sugars

A wet and cold Saturday morning.
I am all prepared to welcome my guests with puffs and sweets fromThe Icing Room.

I have no idea what to get, everything from The Icing Room look so pretty and delicious but sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

Thank goodness, these are not the case.

Some colourful and tasty deserts to spice up my dining spread.

Six lovely ladies, two I have met, made arrangements to visit My Red House‘s Studio.

I am so excited as I have been reading their blogs. Seeing and meeting them would be something entirely different.

And this is probably the first time I am meeting all who loves beauty.

From left to right we have Diana author of Beauty + Recipes, Kasthuri author of Shine, Shimmer and Sparkle, Sophia author of The Make-Up Blogette, Amy author of Purplio Voyage, Chantana the author of Everbluec and AB author of Artfully Feminine who is not in the picture.

I had a fabulous time with these ladies.
We chat not only about makeup but all things beautiful.

Even the topic “men” slipped into our conversation.

Heart felt, I really appreciate all who made the effort to travel here.
This really meant a lot to me.


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