The Journal

Sunday Chores, Bloody Movie

Most Sundays, if not all are packed with chores.

As I just got back from Taiwan, there are lots to iron. Like a mini hill has piled up in my laundry basket. Had to do it before my upcoming trip. If not, it will turn into a mountain. For some reason, I dislike ironing. I can sweep and mop the floor, wipe cabinets, table tops or even wash the loo but I just don’t like ironing.

It is so tedious. Why can’t someone invent a kind of washing powder or magic hanger that makes all clothes straight instantly?

Ended my hectic Sunday with a movie that got me hiding under my sleeves. Kidnapper by Kelvin Tong. This action-thriller amazed me. But I must say, I didn’t expect so much blood in the scenes.

So, this pretty much summarizes my hectic Sunday filled with chores and a bloody movie.

How was your Sunday?

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