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LUSH Cold Storage

My “unlimited” supplies of LUSH.

Many are fascinated by the amount of LUSH I have. Seems to never run out. Here is a little secret on how I store all my LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. I have dedicated the entire lower drawer of my fridge just for them. This unit is for fresh vegetables and fruits. The temperature is just right for storing LUSH products in a hot and humid country like Singapore.

I separated my collection into threes. Bottom left are the shower gels, shower smoothies, toner tabs, colour supplements and packs of bath melts. Pretty much all the random bits.

Next to it I have all the bubble baths.

The top shelf is for all the soaps.

Some LUSH soaps contains more oil than others so I wrapped them up in a sandwich bag. It can get a little messy if you don’t place them in bags.

The “life span” of LUSH products are between 3-6 months (depending on products) whether you’ve used it or not. Be extra careful with the face masks, you don’t wanna apply overdue blue berries or moulded asparagus on your face.

Well, the worst part is they are blended so well, you can’t tell. Expiry date for face masks is approximately 2 weeks. And you must store them in the fridge.

By keeping them refrigerated, you can extend their “life span” to about a year. Again, it depends on the product. The key to knowing if your LUSH product is off is when the smell turns bad or if you find a layer of oil/film around or on top of the product.

Hope this helped.

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