The Journal

7 Days Of OT

On April Fool’s Day & Good Friday, My Red House decided to host a quest.
Selected products were going for S$1.
Yes, at S$1.

Stashing price tags made headlines on most blogs.
We were amazed, more like “shocked” with the response.

We had over 200 transactions at the end of this quest.

Below are just part of the paid invoices in Q for processing & packing.

We worked overnight from Thursday, throughout the weekend and until the next Thursday night, where 2 last orders were sent off.

The last 2 orders required a Size 2 SingPost box which I have forgotten to pick up previously. Sorry for the delay but I am sure it is worth the wait, isn’t it?

Architecture of Beauty.
Stack of concealers, blushers, eyeshadows – in short, piles of makeup filled the entire surface of my dinning table.

It is really interesting to see who buys what.
Some of my favorite shades were surprisingly not the popular ones.

Temporary homes for the makeup filled half my L-shape sofa.

Pans of shadows.

Mountains of SingPost boxes.

Initially I was confident all orders could be sent off on Monday 5 April.
But I was wrong.
I underestimated the “appetite” of all our shoppers had.

We received emails asking when they will receive their orders almost immediately after the 5th quest.
Believe me, I want to send out all orders as fast as I can.

We do apologize if your order took a little longer to reach you.

We spent the entire Saturday matching all transactions to the invoices.
It gets real tricky with iBanking and ATM transfers. 
Sunday compiling all orders and sorting out payment times.

At this point, I wish I am a super woman.

Monday through to Thursday were packing time.
Issuing refund slips.

All orders during this quest are processed according to whom pay first. You may be the first to log on and put items in your cart but if you are the last to pay, the chances of you getting all the items you want is very slim.

However, they are a few who are extremely lucky.

We would also like to apologize to all who didn’t get what they want.
But that’s SALE.
It is bound to happen.

We hope all had a wonderful experience buying cosmetics online with us.
We had fun serving you and we tried our best to answer all enquiries as soon as we can.

Thank you all who participated, giving My Red House a chance to share our wonderful products with you.
Hope you enjoy our products.

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*Special thanks to my sister and boyfriend for helping out with folding the lovely mua cosmetics and SingPost boxes.

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