The Journal

Part 1: Stress Relief Therapy

Great food after 7 Days Of OT.

Finally, all orders from Fool’s Quest by My Red House have been sent off on Thursday night. Which means, I can afford a little break from work. Have a cup of coffee and meet a couple of friends for tea and some shopping.

After a nail pampering session at EsBoudoir, I met up with Jessie for tea. I had a delicious ice latte.

And a not so nice chicken wrap.

Met up with Joann and Ziling at West Coast McDonald’s after.

Have you tried McDonald’s new Cinnamon Melts?
It smells great.

The bun is so soft and with hot cinnamon syrup.
Oh, it’s haven.

I find it a little too sweet at the bottom where all cinnamon sets.
It’s all cool, I want some more.

Let me show you what I bought here >

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