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15 Hours Of Travel

Yes, at least 15 hours of travel including transits and check-in times. From Singapore > Kuala Lumpur > Auckland > Wellington. This 15 hours led to the most adventurous and exciting trip I ever had. No words can even describe.

Let’s start from my flight journey to New Zealand. It takes approximately 10 hours to fly from Kuala Lumpur. And I watched 10 movies during my “awake” times on flight during both journeys. What a movie marathon ey? I was watching with joy as I missed many good movies past couple of months. Hachiko was one of them, it touched my heart.

Flying on Malaysia Airlines‘s Business Class was a bonus for me. Lots of leg room and comfortable seating which can be lowered down as a bed.

Not to mention the selection of food was great.
We had satay for dinner.

Magazines kept me occupied throughout the journey.
And a little vanity kit kept me refreshed.

Breakfast before we touch down in New Zealand.
Oats and fresh fruits.

Nasi Lemak.

Amazing view from the plane.
Filled with mountains, trees, rivers, lakes and plantations.

I can “smell” fresh air.

We checked into a very “handsome” looking hotel just opposite Te Papa Museum.

Museum Hotel, Wellington.

Artistic hotel lobby.
This painting is absolutely realistic.

My room for a night.
Very spacious indeed with a king size bed to toss around in.

A big bath tub.

My shower companions.
Travel sized LUSH shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Well stocked cabinet.
A wide selection of tea I must say.
Too much TEA for me.

A glass of hot chocolate to freshen up from the long journey.

A few sachets of Aesop samples for my travel.
I love them, easy to carry around.

Use then throw.

It’s dinner time after a short nap.
We walked by the sea.
It was very windy and cold and I was the “hero” with only a T-shirt and shorts.

Silly me.

Dinner at Shed 5 was yummy.
A little snack and a drink before we were seated at the main hall.


The bread and butter are so delicious.
I had 2 and a half.

Great food for dinner.
All were fresh and the serving is not too big for one, which is good.

Time for some local breakfast before we set off for a 4 hour road trip.

Bacon, free range eggs, greens, fresh tomatoes and toast.
Can it get any better?

Okay, my bad.

Love raisin scones with a skinny latte.

Daddy and I.

Thank you Dad for the invitation and Angie for all the arrangements.

Read more of my trip to New Zealand.
Te Manga Station
Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Knowing me, I managed to squeeze in just a little bit of time for some shopping – click here.

I managed to hop on Helen’s Jeep on our last day.
My first Jeep experience.

We had breakfast at Joe’s Garage before heading to the airport.

The ambient was perfect for a morning munch.
They make good latte.
Just the thing to wake me up in the morning.

And delicious breakfast.
The toast was perfect, not too black, just crispy enough.

Although it was 9 day 8 nights, it felt like we had only spent 24 hours in New Zealand the day before we depart. It is sad to leave a country with sunny but cooling weather.

I definitely had lotsa fun.

I feel so much closer to my Dad.
I feel that I know him a little more now.
I love you Dad.

8 thoughts on “15 Hours Of Travel

  1. Great pictures and write ups. You should become a writer or editor – suits u well. Well done. Hope we find more time together – travelling and enjoying each others company 🙂 Best Regards xx

    • Thank you Angie.
      Nah, my English ain’t good enough.
      Surely we have to plan a trip soon with Mandy and her little princess.
      We are all waiting anxiously for her arrival.

  2. Amazing!!!!.well and truly well written. Some of it so hilarious.. Hey, where’s the pic of the stag?.
    Ron send his regards and ask when’s your next trip back to NZ?.

    We throughly enjoyed the trip (minus the horrible heli flight to Taupo) with you, Chong & Angie.

    A trip to be remembered.


    Helen & Ron

    • Thank you Helen.
      Did you read about my writes on Te Manga Station and Lake Taupo?
      It wouldn’t have been the same with you and Ron during this trip.
      I have decided to give the stag a break 🙂

  3. Yes indeeded! We read all. Beautiful pictures plus etc..etc..Ron told him friends and (mom in OZ)how much he enjoyed teh trip and also mentioned you to them how bubbly and fun to have you around.. yeah..

    keep in touch…


    lots of luv from NZ-lovely Wellington

    Helen & Ron

    • Yes, I was telling everyone I know what great advanture this trip had been!!
      Ahh, not sure if bubbly is positive but I will take that as a compliment =)

      Keep in touch and hope to see you in Singapore or Malaysia soon.

      Take care Helen and Ron

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