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Chanel Rouge COCO

Sharing my love for the new Chanel Rouge Coco.

Tired of shiny lips that can look greasy if overdone and hair sticking to my puckers when the wind blows?

When women apply lipstick, it’s beautiful. The seduction in the lipstick is in the gesture.” Says Peter Philips, the global creative director of Chanel Makeup.

That’s why Chanel has launched Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour, S$44, a lipstick line fronted by Vanessa Paradis, the gorgeous chanteuse and wife of Johnny Depp.

The line is “young in spirit and accessible to every woman”, Peter says.

By contrast, Chanel’s existing Rouge Allure range is “more sophisticated and has darker, more extreme colours.”

Rouge Coco is a creamy lippy that keeps lips moisturised for eight hours. In 20 shades, each is “linked to Coco’s universe”, he says, referring to the brand’s founder Gabrielle Coco Chanel. Think names like Camelia and Mademoiselle.

Which colour should you pick?
Here are some best, easiest-to-wear colours for Asian skin.

If you like beige, Perle is a universal pearlescent, La Pausa is a subtle coral that suits all skin tones, Egerie is very light, very sweet and very good for day, Sari Dore – The brand’s iconic shade, it looks great on fair skin.

If you like red, Gabrielle looks best against yellow-toned skin, Paris is as intense in the tube as it is when applied. The perfect, traffic-stopping red with a hint of blue, Bel Respiro – This glossy red is a fresh look for day, Vendome is a classic va-va-voom red that’s not overpowering. Good for tanned skin.

If you like brown, Bois Des Lles is warm with a slight shimmer and goes on light, Sycomore has a high shine factor with a blue tone, Venise draws on almost matte but is still creamy – works well for day.

If you like pink, Mademoiselle has more blue in it and is good for darker lip tones, Camelia – A frosty pink for girlie lips, Orchidee is a warm pink that’s quite bold, Rouge Orage is matte with just a hint of orange, Legende – The penultimate pink. Peter says “this work well for almost everybody” and is also Vanessa Paradis’ favourite.

Extracted from Her World Singapore April 2010 Issue

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