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Please Bomb My Bath Tonight

In America, they call them the Bath Bombs. In some other countries, they are Bath Ballistics. They mean the same thing.I am not a huge fan of the Bath Bombs, I much prefer the Bubble Bars LUSH make. However, I got my hands on the Geo Phyzz Bath Ballistics when I was in New Zealand.

Geo Phyzz got me interested as it looks and feels a little different from the rest. It is composed of heaps of sea salt which makes it rather heavy. I heard sea salt can help reduce water retention. Packed with large particles of sea salt.

There were some left in the bag so I threw them all into my bath.

This is a very clean bath, not much colours came out of it.
No stains and no cleaning of bath tub required.
If you are looking for something more playful, this is not the one for you.

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