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Nails In 505

I have been thinking so hard on what nail art I should have and what colours to have for my nails on my birthday.

I walked around Sephora, the beauty halls and shopping malls, trying to grab the colour. I had no idea what I have in mind, was just randomly browsing. Suddenly, the Chanel Spring Collection came to my mind. I have 503 Inattendu but I thought it may be a little too light. So, I popped by Chanel and saw 505 Particuliere.

I bought it without trying. Trust, I guess.

Chanel’s nail varnishes are intense in colour and most of them, if not all have high gloss finishes. They are designed to be a real nail care product, it respects the fragile nature of your nails. The original formula ensures rapid drying and lasting hold.

I didn’t apply any nail art as this colour is very pretty on its own.

LE VERNIS has an original formula, exclusive to CHANEL, composed of special resins. It contains bioceramics of natural origin for their hardening effect. A precise concentration of solvents gives a hard, resistant, gloss film. Toluene-free formula. The practical design incorporates an ergonomic top with wide, easy-grip sides, a neck with reducer for flow control, and a non-spill bottle.

Retails at S$35 per bottle of 13 ml.

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