The Journal

Rang Mahal Pavilion, Singapore

Deciding where to have a meal at Resorts World, Singapore is easy. Easy in a way that there are not too many choices. But the tricky part is, there are all very unique in their own, special little ways. We love spicy food and we are thinking, Rang Mahal Pavilion.

Totally in love with this feature partition.

Prior to entering the main dinning area, there is a little lounge with calming water feature and seating.

I love the ambient.
The colour scheme is so charming and romantic.
A fantastic blend of classical India with a modern touch.

Next, was to order our dinner.
We were both starving.

We had a lot of help from the waiter.
He was real nice and recommended some of their chef’s specials.
We ordered some basmati rice, curry and lamb.

Snap, snap, snap while waiting for our food.

It was during a weekday so it wasn’t crowded.
We had a little corner all to ourselves.

I wore a dress from Warehouse I bought earlier this year.

Him and I.

Delicious mango lassi and his lime juice.

First dish served was our lamp chop starter.
I am sorry, I totally forgot to take note of the dishes’ name.

Can you see the smoke?

Then comes our rice.

And lastly, our chicken masala.

The food was beyond delicious.
Now, the delicious part is totally subjective.
We may be too hungry at that time or perhaps the food was really, really delicious.

As you can see, we finished everything.
Literally everything, except some garnishing.

Time for deserts.

We had no idea what all the deserts were.
Trying our luck.
We ordered a platter of three sweets.

Looks interesting.

We had ice cream.

Is that a sausage?
No, it is not.

This is some kind of pastry in sweet sauce.

This is some kind of pudding in milk.
It reminds me of that soft layer of soaked bread in Tiramisu.

To be honest, we didn’t like the deserts.
The ice cream was alright but the rest tasted a little alien.
But it’s worth a try.

Totally random.
Pictures of my heels of that night.

I bid farewell to them.
They are a very old pair from the UK.
The skin is flicking off so I left it in the hotel room.

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