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Pan Your Lipsticks In 5 Simple Steps

Too many lipsticks, too little space? Why not pan them all?

I used to store my old lipsticks in boxes like the one below. I had 4 boxes of them and eventually I find “the box idea” too bulky. And it is not such a good idea as it is not portable enough.

I bought some empty metal pans from Magical Tannsu. They are 26mm each, which means they fit perfectly into most palettes, as well as MAC’s 15 well palette.

Before I move on further, you will need the following for this project.

  • Empty metal pans
  • A spatula
  • Paper towels
  •  Hair straightener
  • Alcohol


Disinfect spatula and empty metal pans.


Use a spatula, slice the lipstick from its casing. Scope excess product from bottom of the casing. There is actually a lot of lipstick left.
If your lipstick is new, slice it bit by bit as the empty pan can’t hold too much product, it will over flow.
I would say 2cm of lipstick is about right.


Place product into the empty pans.


Switch on your hair straightener.
If your hair straightener has a heat control, make sure it is at the lowest.
Remember, you do not want to boil your lipstick as it’s colour or properties may change.


Place empty pan with product in it on the hair straightener.
Let it melt slowly.

Do keep your hands as steady as possible during the melting process.
If you think there is too little product in the pan, you can always add more.


Now, you got to be careful of the heated metal pan as it can get kinda hot.
What I do is, place the hair straightener at a same level as my table and slide the heated pan instead of trying to pick it up.

Make sure you have enough paper towels. Lay them on your table top while doing this project as it can get a little messy during your first few tries.

Let it cool for about 5 mins.
Remember not to touch it until the lipstick solidifies again.

Arrange your new lipstick pans according to your own likings.

I don’t usually stick my pans to my palettes, even my eyeshadow palettes.
I like to pick out what I need from my large palettes and transfer them into a smaller one when I travel or when I go out.

This way, I can easily mix and match my eyeshadows and lipsticks into one palette and bring them out together.

Thank you for looking.

8 thoughts on “Pan Your Lipsticks In 5 Simple Steps

    • Thank you Denise.
      If I am not wrong, it could be a Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in 958 Shimmery Petal Beige with cool undertone.
      I didn’t label when I extracted them from the casing.

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