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Universal Studios, Singapore

Packed with attractions specially designed for Resorts World, Sentosa. Visitors to Universals Studios, Singapore will be the first to experience many new rides and shows based on blockbuster hits! Universals Studios, Singapore boasts a collection of world-firsts including the Far Far Away Castle from the world of Shrek and the world’s tallest duelling roller coasters – Battlestar Galactica.

Greetings from the Hollywood once you enter.

We were real impressed with what we saw.
The people working were friendly and the atmosphere was amazing.

We felt like we ain’t in Singapore at all.

Don’t be surprised.
You will meet with the legendary monsters if lucky.

Take a left turn from Hollywood and here comes Madagascar.

Continue walking and we have reached the Far Far Away Castle.
Castle taken from New York, opposite.

It is a must to ride on this 4D “motion master”.
Brilliant, brilliant graphics.

That’s us.
A very kind passerby helped us take this picture.
If not, it would have been in one of those
camwhoring angle.

Moving on, we entered The Lost World.

Waterworld opens at 2pm so we had to move on first.
Somehow, we were unlucky that day, it rained and the show at Waterworld was called off.

Didn’t manage to snap much pictures due to the rain.
But I managed to get the “Smoker’s Bike”.

I was really looking forward to watching the show as Waterworld is one of my favorite movies.
Well, guess it would have to be another time.

Skeletons of the dinosaurs provided us some shade.

One thing I totally dislike – the weather.
It is kinda hot and sweaty to tour a theme park you know.

It gets all sticky after 30 mins.

The rides.
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure really gets you wet.
Well, it depends on the facing and where you sit.
A 50/50 chance.

My favourite, meet the mummies at Ancient Egypt.

Awesome ride everyone must go on.
I was real scared, real scared of heights, speed and all but I can do this ride.
No problem at all, so all of you can.

When the blue meets and red, what happens?

It wasn’t open when we were there and even if it is opened, I will not take this ride. I am too scared.
There is absolutely no way I am going on it.

So, welcome to the Sci-Fi City.

There ain’t much going on at the Sci-Fi City.

Let’s move on to the streets of New York.

You will be seeing the City Hall, Yellow Cabs and Subway Station.
Pretty cool.

It’s time for a little meal after all the sweating, screaming and walking.

We used the complimentary (or rather, already paid for) coupons for this little meal, so technically, it’s free.

Thank goodness it’s free because it is not nice.
The hotdog was alright but the bun is hard and taste awful.

Really like all the little things around New York.

The back lanes and street signs.
Wish I can bring them home as displays.

This pretty much summarized our journey to the Universal Studios, Singapore on my birthday.

After our dinner, we took a little scroll back to the globe.
It looks so great during the night.
With all the smoke effect.

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Thank you for reading.

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