The Journal

Birthday Gifts For 26 Years Old Joey

Thank you all who wished me Happy Birthday.
Be it over the phone, a text message, on Facebook or by other means.

Here are some of the presents I received this year.

Something from La Mer.
What could it be?

It’s the lip balm.
It is real difficult to find the right lip balm for me.

One that isn’t too rich but does all the work for my dry, chapped lips.

This could be the one.

I received some surprised in my mailbox.
A parcel and a packaged filled the entire mailbox.

There are from the UK.
And it says Cosmetics on one and Clothing on the other.

More LUSH to my existing collection.

I miss you too!!

Love the logo and thanks hun.

At the point of time, I still do not know what it is.
It is so well packed.
All under the red tissue paper.

Breast Cream?
Should have guessed it from the above picture.

And a solid bath oil.
Have to figure out how to use it from the website.

It’s all summer-ry in the other package through post.
The colours are so vibrant.

2 pairs of ear rings.

A pair of bracelets.

And a sexy, colourful sarong for the beach.

Received a hamper from my Dad and family.
A Betty Boop T-shirt and comb from Universal Studios.

And Chanel makeup!!
It is packed in a glossy black box with ribbons wrapped around it.

So beautiful.
Wondering what is inside it.

Lots of makeup.

A primer, an eyeliner, a Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle and a shadow quad in Mystic Eyes.

Thank you girlfriends.

That’s not it.
My sis bought me a pair of tickets to Aaron Kwok’s concert this week.


An USB Hub.
Awesome, it’s MINI.

A birthday cake from him.
Plus a night’s stay at Festive Hotel, Singapore, a day at Universal Studios, Singapore and delicious dinner at Rang Mahal Pavilion.

Couldn’t have asked for more this birthday.
Thank you everyone.

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