The Journal

It’s May This Month

It’s raining heavily again out there.
The ultimate combo of rain and shine is making many poorly lately.
Drink lots of water and have plenty of rest.

I have been trying out different new themes available on WordPress these few weeks. Seeking for the perfect one which is more interactive and interesting.

Guess I have not found one yet.

I have written a new page, Glimpse Of The Past it is.
Under this new page, there is Recapturing Moments Of 2010 which I update every end of the month with links to some highlights of that particular month.

Off to facial in a bit.
Have Aaron Kwok’s concert coming up on Friday and a wedding dinner to attend to on Saturday.

Have done a bit of shopping too last week. Will be posting them up tonight.
I really have to stop spending. My worst fear happened this morning, I had the urge of shopping again when I got up. I know I don’t really need these things. Clothes, shoes and makeup.

So, am glad the rain stopped me from leaving home earlier.

Anyway, it’s May already.
That’s really quick. Seems like it was only New Year last month.
We are almost half way to Year 2011.

I will be doing more reviews and looks this month. Hope this will stop my urge to spend. It always gets me excited knowing I have a whole load of new stuffs to use and try. Mixing and matching tops to bottoms, accessorizing and complete a certain outfit with a look.

Amazing amazing.

Have been busy the past two weeks.
Coping with a new-born isn’t as easy. The attention and long list of things to do and things to buy is deadly. Having to hop around from places to places, searching for the right baby monitor, diaper and formula can be very exhausting.

Besides all the shopping and baby-ing, I have been working on a new collection of colours for MUA Cosmetics. Updating our website and keying in sales invoices – which I have not finished. Re-stocking products too which is on its way.

That’s about it for now, thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful day ahead.

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