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Soak Your Monday Blues Away

This pink and white swirly bar resembles a rolled up scarf, ready to wrap you in warmth and comfort. Perfect for Mondays. Meet The Comforter Bubble Bar by LUSH.

The fruity blackcurrant fragrance comes from cassis absolute. This one is big enough to be broken in half for two baths. It is indeed a huge bubble bar. Almost the size of my entire palm. The smell is real rich, reminds me of bubble gum. And the pink is blinding.

It can definitely be used twice but I didn’t. I went straight away and use one. Because the bubble bar is so huge, it took sometime to melt under the running water. Can you see pink in the water?

The colour is very pigmented, not sure if it is going to stain white bath tubs. Mine is granite so it didn’t show.

Pink water bubble bath.

I love the smell of The Comforter bubble bar but it is a little to soap-ish for my liking. Maybe I have used the entire bar.
Will try splitting it into half and see if it is still soap-ish.

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