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Hard Gel Extension

My first experience of hard gel extension.
And it took almost 5 hours to complete, from full manicure to pedicure and soft gel overlay on top of the extension.

It is pretty tiring.

After cleaning up my cuticles and buffed a little, the extension begins. You can choose the length of extension you want. If I am not wrong, I chose #3 which is very long.

Can you see the silver foil/form wrapped around my index finger?
That is the guide.

The substance only hardens under UV light. After applying a layer of hard gel over my natural nails, I have to insert my fingers into the UV light machine. I can feel the heat and to be honest, it can hurt.

It takes approximately 40-60 seconds in the machine.

While the gel is semi-harden, the manicurist used the clipping method to ensure the extensions have a nice and natural curve shape.

I am not sure if all nail salon uses the same method.

Have been almost 2 weeks since I have had this set of extension and here are some of my thoughts about it;-

1) Hard gel extensions are harder and stronger than natural nails, thus it is longer-lasting and heavier-duty.
2) The shine and gloss lasts for weeks without fading.
3) No waiting time for colour to dry, unlike painting nail polishes.
4) Freedom to decide the length of nails you want.

1) Hard gel extensions can be damaging to your natural nails.
2) Removal of hard gel extensions is a pain – only via filing.
3) The entire process took almost 5 hours, if only it takes 1 hour.
4) Obligated to filling in as your natural nails grow.

It is never a wise choice to have your extensions to long – like mine because it is very troublesome. I am having a hard time typing and doing my regular house hold chores.

You may want to consider having extensions if you have difficulties keeping your nails long – to your desire length. Or if you have a string of events to attend and have no time to manage your nails.

If you have long nails but looking for long-lasting shine other than the conventional nail polishes, you may want to consider soft gel overlay instead.

Click here to view the soft gel overlay nails I did.

You can also do a soft gel overlay on top of your hard gel extension.
Click here to find out how it looks.

Hope this short article paints a better picture of hard gel extensions for you and thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Hard Gel Extension

  1. The things we endure for beauty… there are plenty of UV lights with cooling fans attached that i think can offer at least a mild comfort while your gel extensions are hardening, did the lamp have a fan or cooler attached?

    By the way, your nails through out the blog are absolutely beautiful, you must have a very talented nail tech.

    • Guess you are correct, things we have to endure for beauty.
      Nope, the UV lamp didn’t come with any cooling fans – not that I am aware of.
      Having one with a fan will surely help.

      Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment.

      See you again soon!!

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