The Journal

Thursday & Am Missing Him

I cut my hair again. Even shorter and dyed it red.


Anyway, had a great day with sis today. We went to the hair salon, a bit of shopping (oh gosh, shopping again) and had snacks from Old Chang Kee. He left this evening for a road trip with his friends to Thailand and will only be back on Monday. He should be reaching KL soon by now. This is the first time he is away from me.

Normally, I am the one going on trips. I am missing him already!! Am real tired and off to bed soon. Slept for only 4 hours last night. Had 3 games of mah jong as it was bb mummy’s birthday. Lost 60 bucks, cards were playing on me!!

Bought a few June’s magazines at the petrol kiosk on my way back home. They are all on my bedside table now, waiting to be read through.

Am planning to spam my blog this weekend as dearest is not around.

Till then, good night and sleep tight.

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