The Journal

Little Niece’s Full Month

It’s baby Yi Xin’s full month today. We didn’t have a huge party nor a celebration. I guess it’s a little difficult to manage as most of our family are in KL. So, we ordered cupcakes online from Sweetest Moments.

They provide wonderful services and prompt delivery. Here is how the pack of 10 comes in and you can also add a little note. Look at these adorable cupcakes!!! Awesome.

There are so cute, makes me think twice before eating them. You can also order them in individual containers.

This is my favorite.
And I ate it.

I love it.

Well, does it taste good?
To be honest, most cupcakes aren’t nice, they are usually too sweet and we order them just because they look so unbelievably pretty.

The icing on these cupcakes are very sweet, as most icing anyway.
But the chocolate cake underneath is delicious.

View Sweetest Moments’ range of cupcakes here >

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