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Benefit Private Sale 2010

Got to know about the Benefit Private Sale through Sarah‘s Facebook Fan Page a few days ago.

Just in time to catch the sale.
Only this time, I didn’t go Vivo City solely for it.
I had nails appointment that day too.

Before my appointment at 2pm, I popped by TANGS Beauty Hall.
Looked left and right, trying to locate where Benefit’s sale is held. As you may have noticed, Benefit isn’t available at TANGS Vivo.

I saw signs and posters everywhere but couldn’t find.
Had to go Customers Service to ask.

I am very sure a lot of us had to do that.

“Oh, it’s located in a small room where the ladies’ bags are.”

Okay, here I come!!!

It wasn’t as crowded as the Estee Lauder Private Sale 2010 where MAC and Origins were on sale. Not that it was empty, still need to squeeze a little through to view the products.

I was hoping Benefit‘s Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner will be on sale and they are!!

They are going at S$16 each and buy 3 get 1 free.
Of course I try to find 3 colours I like and get 1 free, who wouldn’t?

It works out to be S$12 per pot.

I boughtstiletto aubergine, get figgy frosted heather, flatter me toasted mauve and busy signal venetian brown.

There are 13 shades in total and I have 6 of them now.
I love their flattering shades and shimmering qualities, they are extremely easy to blend too.

6 (if I am not wrong) of their Velvet Eyeshadows were on sale at S$20 each and buy 3 get 1 free. I didn’t get any of them because S$20 isn’t very attractive to me and the shades were kinda what I have.

But I like the texture of them.

The Benefit Private Sale didn’t get me going “gaga” much because;-

(1) I have most of their products or products I am interested in already
(2) The price tag didn’t have the “wow-factor” – still pricey
(3) Very limited choice of colours/products – I know Benefit have a small collection but I was expecting a little more products on sale – eg. their star products.

This sale was on 19th and 20th May, at TANGS Vivo. Although it says Private Sale on the posters and advertising materials, it is not exactly one. It is held in conjunction with The TANGS Sale I Like!

12% Rebate for CITIBANK & TANGS Members for both days and a Closed Door Preview on the 19th.

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