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Nails In Cherry Blossom

Another set of nails this month. Inspired by the bright and cheerful hues of the Cherry Blossom. Although the season is over.

I looked back at my nail’s category and realized I haven’t done many bright colours lately. I wanted to go for orange as I am having this craze over oranges, peaches and corals. But I haven’t found one that suits my skin tone. Some made my skin look so dull and dead.

While seeking for the perfect orange, peach or coral, this will be perfect!!

A very natural pink base with red, gold and silver glitter gradiation.

I have not removed my hard gel extensions yet.
Just shorten them as they are too long, a hazard in life.

My previous colours of Nails In Urban Shimmers were filed off and had the glitter soft gel overlay on top of the extensions.
They look much more like my own natural nails now.

I am sure a handful of you will be interested to know more about hard gel extensions and soft gel overlay. A separate post will address these “new” techniques.

Thank you for reading.

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