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Simple Cake With A Personal Touch

I am sure a lot of us know about the Do It Yourself cakes at The Icing Room. Every time I walk pass this place, it is always filled with crowd. The idea of a DIY cake is brilliant. For any occasions, we can now add a personal touch to it. Be it birthdays, valentine’s day or anniversaries.

It’s one of a kind and something money just can’t buy. The plain cake comes in 3 sizes. Small, medium and large. We went for medium, it can feed approximately 8 persons. It comes with a plain cake, icing and decorations.

There are a lot more decorations available for purchase.
S$2 per pack.

Our creation.
It’s for his mummy’s birthday.

Left: Half done Right: Totally done

Headed home for dinner.

Happy and loving family.

It’s time for the birthday song and make a wish.
I honestly can’t wait to taste the cake!!

And it is great to see aunty so happy.

While making the cake, we were wondering if the cake will taste good. We chose the vanilla fruit flavour. I would have guessed the cake will not taste good but it’s delicious.

The decorations are all edible but real hard and sweet.

If you are planning a celebration, try DIY a cake. It means a lot more than just buying a cake. Have fun with it.

A few tips for decorating a cake yourself;-
(1) Either DIY it with an open heart or have a plan/concept before lying your hands on it
(2) It is not difficult to use those packs, practice a few strokes on tissue paper before squeezing it on the actual cake
(3) Stay calm and just do it, even if you mess it up, it’s totally fine – if not, what’s called a personal touch?

So, the next time you walk pass The Icing Room, stop by and make a cake for your loved ones.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts!!

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