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The Making Of Nails In Cherry Blossom

Before my nails look “oh so pretty“, they went through a very long process of filing, buffing, layers of chemical and in and out of the UV lamp. I kinda documented this process for those we are interested or curious.

The removal of my Nails In Urban Shimmers was a pain. My manicurist had to file and file and file. First, to file off the soft gel overlay and next, reshape and resize the hard gel extensions.

Remember I was too vicious and asked for super long nail extensions? She had to shorten them for me. This is how it looks after all the filing. My natural nails can already be seen as it has been 2 weeks since I had those extensions on.

A close-up.
From far, they can probably pass off as natural nails.

The fun part of this entire process is choosing the glitters.
Glitters in different colours, different sizes and different textures. Pick one or more and mix them to create your own.

Endless possibilities.

To view my completed set of Nails In Cherry Blossom, click here >
Read more about Hard Gel Extension, clickhere >

Thank you for reading.

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