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Coral Vs Coralista & A Bit Of Orgasm

As the Summer season gets closer, the trend of peaches and corals is back.

Here are three of my favourite blushes at the moment. They brighten up my dull and tired skin instantly, giving a ready flush of colour and natural glow all day. Let’s meet Coral by Bobbi Brown, Coralista by Benefit and Orgasm by NARS.

They may look incredibly similar at a glance, they are totally not. Not even close. The picture above is taken under natural sunlight without flash. Below are swatches of them, taken with flash.

Coral is a vibrant, fresh orange packed with golden sparkles. The colour is bright and intense.

Orgasm, the ever so famous blush by NARS is every girl’s must-have. The unique blend of golden sienna and copper rose made it so versatile and wearable.

Coralista is a “coral blush for a tropical flush”. The slight sheen is perfect as highlights.

6 thoughts on “Coral Vs Coralista & A Bit Of Orgasm

  1. Great comparison — I’ve been eyeing the Bobbi Brown Coral, but own the other two so hadn’t picked it up…now I might have to! It looks like it has a lovely sheen! 🙂

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