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Red Head Needs Extra Care

Went for a hair cut and coloured it red-ish on last week. I was really excited to see how this will turn out as I have never coloured my entire head red. It looks red-der under natural sunlight. I didn’t go for a fire engine red because it requires bleaching which I am trying to avoid.

Here are some tips and tricks for going red;-

  • When choosing to dye your hair red, try to work with a professional stylist, they will be able to advice on the different shades of red – ginger, auburn, rust, burgundy or copper.
  • If you are unsure or have not dyed your hair red before, go for something more natural, perhaps a deep burgundy red will be great.
  • Another point to consider when choosing a red dye is your skin tone. A very subtle red or simple highlights may not be visible if your natural hair colour is dark or against darker skin.

If you do not already know, red dye fades a lot faster and using colour-formulated haircare products can help maintain the shade for a longer period of time.

For how much longer? I have yet to find out but I will surely update and let you know. I got Kérastase‘s Bain Miroir shampoo and Chroma Reflect conditioner this round.

Hope this short article will help you choose your reds.

Thank you for reading.

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