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Chanel Makeover

I got a FREE Chanel Makeover!!

Super excited because I hardly win anything.

It was May’s STYLE Magazine, I think. There was an article on the new Chanel Rouge Coco and there was this question. All I had to do was send my answer to Chanel via email. About a week after, I received an email telling me I won.

Made my appointment and this is my experience of the Chanel Makeover I had with Makeup Artist Marthinus.

Being a makeup artist myself, I am thrilled to have another artist working on me. We are constantly learning from each other and learning never ends. Different artist have different set of skills, talent and style.

The makeover lasted for about 1 and a half hour.Marthinus covered as much as possible, the things I needed to know – from skincare and makeup to the mirror exclusively designed for Chanel.

I arrived looking tedious with no makeup or whatsoever and I went for a natural, everyday look that can brighten up my dull skin and make me feel more awake and make me look more alive. Marthinus is real professional, organised and detail.

He is very friendly too and he gave me exactly what I wanted.

Had a wonderful time and I enjoyed every moment. The makeover took place at Metro Paragon, Chanel’s counter but the atmosphere was rather relaxing and calm.

I bought two products because they are simply too amazing to resist, the Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base and Soleil Tan De Chanel in Terre D’or.

I also brought home a tiny phrase which says, “It’s not only about the makeup you have, it’s how you apply them.” 

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