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Some Estee Lauder Skincare & Cosmetics

Bought some stuff from Estee Lauder a few weeks ago. It was the week I met up with Nicole for dinner at T.G.I. Fridays.

I have always been wanting to try Estee Lauder’s Idealist (S$86). It specializes in pore minimizing. Everyone who have known me since high school would know that I once suffered from acne. My skin is very dry, in fact too dry thus it produces extra oil around my T-Zone. Resulting in open pores and scares.

So, I finally got my hands on them and have been using it for the past week or so. No solid conclusion on it yet but my skin feels more supple. Pores appear to be less visible. While I was there, I suddenly remembered Sophia‘s rave about Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup. Read her raves here >

I bought a similar version, Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup (S$56). The original Double Wear has more benefits and the coverage is buildable. The Light version only provides a sheer to medium coverage. The best part is, it helps control oil.

I paired it up with a Lucidity Translucent Loose Powder (S$58) in Transparent.

And got a AeroMatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder (S$54) in Light.
It is easier to bring a compact out for touch-ups than loose powder.
It gets messy.

Was real happy to receive this 8-pc gift set.
Some of them items are products I want to try. Especially the booster and advance night repair serum.

5 thoughts on “Some Estee Lauder Skincare & Cosmetics

  1. I am not a big fan of Idealist as I find it making foundation application rather challenging- I tends to get flakes with my foundation if I use Idealist beforehand. Good to use it at night though.

    Double Wear Light is great in terms of oil control & stay; I find the original double wear too heavy, occlusive and masking – DWL has just the right weight & coverage.

    I am currently using Aeromatte pressed powder; It’s so soft & light, will not cake despite layering – EL is discontinuing this in US though.

    • Know what? I have not tried wearing Idealist under foundation. Cos I fear exactly the same thing. I try to keep my skincare real simple during the day.

      DWL is great for long days, it gives me the confidence knowing my makeup is still in place despite the hot sun.

      AND Aeromatte is totally awesome, I love it.
      Really? If this happens in Singapore, I may have to stock up on them.

  2. Hi Joey!

    This EL review is intriguing, but I am really skeptical because not a single EL product that I have tested has been kind to me (thus far I’ve taken shots at EL perfume, powder and serum) – I always end up a bit blotchy. I am still hopeful though!

    • Hello,
      Thank you for stopping by!!

      This is only a mini write-up of my first impressions of the EL products I bought a few weeks ago. Will do a slightly more detailed one soon.

      I guess a lot of makeup and skincare can be very subjective to inviduals’ skin condition so fingers crossed you will find something from EL which you love!!

  3. Hi Joey. Love your interesting write up on EL products. I just purchased Aeromatte days ago and i’m loving it. I was given samples of the DWL and honestly,i find it to be pretty thick in terms of coverage and it looks obvious.

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