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Removal Of Soft Gel Overlay

My ugly toes will be featured in this post, please be kind to them.
I only removed the soft gel overlay on my toes this time so do bare with them.

There are two options for removing soft gel nails. To file it off or soak it off. I believe acetone was used during the soaking process. First, the manicurist will soak up a cotton pad with acetone, leave it on the soft gel nails and wrap them with aluminium foil.

Kinda like bandage if you ask me.

Leave it wrapping for approximately 10-15 mins. After removing the bandage, parts of the soft gel overlay would have come off.

Next, the manicurist can either file off the remains or scrap them off.

The entire process is fairly simple and quick. If you are wondering, no, it’s painless. But do remember to apply a layer of strengthening nail polish as a base before colouring them.

Nails will be slightly dryer and more brittle, therefore, opt for a better base coat or strengthener.

Thank you for reading.

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