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The New Eye Signature: Ombres Contraste Duo

Ombres Contraste Duo, the new elegant and easy to apply eyeshadow by Chanel, is the highest standard of refined simplicity. Day after day, rediscover the magic of colour-rich eyelids.


– Light shade: a creamy and luminous texture with a satiny finish that blends perfectly over the eyelid.

– Dark shade: a powder texture with a matte finish that sculpt the eyes and gives them depth.


The new Ombres Contraste Duo comes in 6 combinations, 10 Gris Subtil, 20 Delicate Taupe, 30 Blue Soft, 40 Misty Soft, 50 Berry Rose and 60 Light Khaki.

In stores now, check them out at any Chanel counters.
Each retails at S$63.

Thank you LPB for sharing the news of this beautiful duo.

Click here for swatches of Gris Subtil and Misty Soft. Click here to view a look I did featuring Gris Subtil.

Thank you for looking.

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