The Journal

A Religious Dinner

Last weekend was one of those filled with late nights, early mornings and good food. On Friday, I went to a religious dinner and it was my first. If you wonder what’s going on at that tent near your home, in the middle of the grass field, this is what happens.

The tent is filled with mostly older men and women whom I suspect are super rich because when the bidding of items start, they paid S$3,888 for a bag of 1kg rice. That’s not it, someone bid a rice bowl for S$18,000. Ridiculous isn’t it?

The dinner started at about 8pm and ended at approximately 11pm. Earlier that day, there was a ceremony and the boyfriend participated in some kind of ritual and this is his arm. No seafood for a few weeks, that is. I was seated right at the end, closest to the food preparation table.

I get first hand information on what is going to be served next.

The food tasted real good which was beyond my expectation. I thought the food was only going to be so-so. We had a total of 9 dishes and 1 desert. Absolutely full at the end of this event. So, this pretty much wrapped up my first experience at a religious dinner – neighbourhood style.

Thank you for reading.

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