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Aunty Ivy’s Visit

My aunty, Ivy, visits Singapore every 2 years and it was great catching up with her over the weekend.

On Saturday, we had buffet lunch with a friend, Rui Long at Equinox Restaurant. Thank you Rui Long for the treat. The view overlooking Marina Bay Sands was breath-taking. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It would be even better if all the cranes and constructions are done.

Anyway, food was great.

On Sunday morning, I met up with aunty Ivy again at ION Orchard. Together with some of her childhood friends, we had a big breakfast. Chatting and laughing away at all their old girl’s stories.

I have never been to Orchard on a Sunday morning. The traffic was smooth and peaceful. I enjoyed the entire journey,  for once.

So, after the heavy meal, we walked around ION. Had to show her the newest shopping mall in Singapore, isn’t it? Then, it’s time to bring her back home at noon because it’s time for her to meet her grand-niece.

I had great fun spending time with my aunt. It brought back a lot of my memories too, those when I was still a little child.

“All the best Aunty Ivy, have a wonderful time before you leave and hopefully we will see you in America some time. It was great seeing you and keep in touch. And thank you for the gifts.”

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