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MAC To The Beach Collection


The seaside has a kind of golden, sexy alchemy we’re all drawn to. This collection encapsulates it with the most soothing, sultry shades of summertime. A safe way to bronze, beautify and get colour that looks sun-kissed. Close your eyes and go To The Beach!

MAC Cosmetics

This collection launched last Friday in Singapore. I check it out on Saturday afternoon and as expected, Marine Life has already been sold out. I have not been over-the-top excited about MAC’s collections in recent years. More like if I walk pass, I will take a look and if I like, I will buy. If its out-of-stock, it’s totally alright.

I bought 6 items from this collection. 2 eyeshadows in Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy, 2 lipsticks in Beachboundand Lazy Day, a lipglass in Flurry Of Fun and a lip pencil in Life’s A Breeze. Both Lustre Drops caught my attention too but they reminded me a little of Benefit’s High Beam and Moon Beam so I gave them a miss.

Apart from those, nothing else really interests me. Colours of the eye kohls were disappointing. I find them real similar to some of their pass collections and substitutes can easily be found. I am real happy with what I got. The lipglass is ultra shimmery with blue-green reflects, texture of the eyeshadows are amazing too – creamy and super pigmented and the lipsticks, I simply love.

So, what did you get from this collection?

6 thoughts on “MAC To The Beach Collection

  1. Shimmermoss eyeshadow is a must have for me. I also like sweet & punchy.

    The pink lipstick looks nice on your photo, lazy day?

    • Yeap, Lazy Day =)
      Shimmermoss didn’t get my attention for some reason.
      My eyes got stucked to Firecracker instead.
      Sweet & Punchy was a bonus cos I dun have a similar colour!!

  2. Hello,

    Came to your blog from Karen’s Makeup and Beauty Blog.

    Interesting blog, and you have your own makeup line? That’s cool.

    Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy are both great colors. I got all the 5 eyeshadows, Marine Life and Thrills lipstick.

    I like your haul. Flurry of Fun is still calling out my name.

    Feel free to visit my blog…..btw, I am from neighboring Malaysia. 🙂

    • Hi Von,
      Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment.
      So, you are one of the lucky ones who got Marine Life, not 1 but 2!!
      Flurry of Fun is lovely.
      You have a gorgeous blog and some wonderful hauls =)

  3. I love this collection! it was perfect for the summer! I picked up all of the lip colours and gloss..but not the “Flurry of Fun” it was too frosty for me. I love the eyeshadows- I picked up the same two you did…Sweet and Punchy is so pretty. I agree the eye Kohls were not amazing either 😦 I got the Marine life…….but in honesty you did not miss much- it look pretty at first- one wipe and it is over! no more gold. I find that if you have collection’s pink blush (i forget the name of it) it is the same colour pretty much! The cream bronzers were a waste too! I have tried them and they streak!!:( Of well…. All in all great summer collection from MAC 🙂

    Nice blog btw 🙂

    • Hi Ashley,
      Thank you for popping by and commenting.
      Sweet & Punchy is real pretty isn’t it? And the texture is so creamy and pigmented.
      Didn’t you like Shimmermoss?
      Flurry of Fun is loves for me, I am still crazy over the whole coral thing.
      That’s exactly what I heard about Marine Life, it’s only pretty.
      Anyway, MAC have too many collections to keep up with =)
      See you around ey!!

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