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4 Ways To Wear Bright Lips This Summer

Do you wear bright lips?
If you do, how would you wear them?

I hardly ever wear bright lips but the trend this summer is all about bright lips. I can’t remember the last time I own a hot pink lipstick. And I can’t remember when was the last time I walked on the streets with flaming lips that shouts from across the street.

Because I am scared to wear bright lips.
If you are like me, let us conquer this fear together, today.

Here are 4 of the many ways to wear a bright lipstick, be it hot pink, bright fuchsia or luminous orange. Pick the colour that you like most and best suits your skin tone.


This method will give you full coverage, intense colour and very defined lips. Wearing lips as such, it’s always good to line your lips either before or after, to prevent bleeding and keep the contents in place.

When wearing such bright colour, I always blot off the access of my first application with a tissue paper and re-apply another layer on top. This will create a stained base on my lips and help lipstick stay longer.


By pre-applying a thin layer of lip balm prior to applying your bright lipstick helps to diffuse the pigmentation of colour. It’s like adding water to water-colour. You can easily adjust the intensity by layering.

The goodness of using a lip balm as a base is – you will get a very smooth and almost silk-like finish.


If wearing the lipstick on its own seem a little old-school to you, add a layer of clear gloss on top. This will definitely brighten up your smile from miles away.


Last but not least, wear it the modern way but patting this bright lipstick on with your fingers. Start from the centre of your lips and pat it outwards, giving it a just-kissed look.

Hope this little manual will help you bring the whole bright lips trend to the next chapter.

Let me know how you are getting on and thank you for reading.

Have a wonderful and bright weekend ahead!!

6 thoughts on “4 Ways To Wear Bright Lips This Summer

  1. Can’t tell you how much this helped!!!! Thank you so much 🙂 I will most likely wear it the softer way…

  2. Joey, for a stronger, bolder lips, try blotting off with blotting paper, it absorbs the oil ( thus the shine ) more than tissue paper, without removing too much pigments.

    I totally agree with you, the just kissed / berry stained lips are trendy for summer, nothing deliver this kind of finish better than using your own finger to rub the lipstick in.

    Have you tried Chanel Les Pop Rouge Allure in Super? I think it’s a lovely modern pink.

    • Blotting paper is a good idea =)
      Thanks David.
      I swatched Super over the counter but it was Genial that caught my attention.
      Pink has never looked good on me so I gave it a miss.
      Which do you like more?
      Super or Genial?

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