The Journal

Flood And Flu Attacks

It’s like a triple combo, feels absolutely disastrous.
I just recovered from a high fever, still coughing away madly so I am staying home this weekend. Hopefully, I will recover fully before I set off for a short getaway next week.

Will be going Hong Kong with my sis and dad. It’s a Father’s Days treat for daddy from us.

If you are from Singapore, you surely know about the Orchard flooding incident three days back. Here is a link documenting this heavy rainfall for those who wants to know more.

It’s horrible seeing it happen in Singapore. Thought we are supposed to be free from natural hazards? Wait a minute, maybe this is not. Could it be due to the many constructions going on around Singapore’s turf?

Relieved I wasn’t one of those cars parked at the basement or one of those in the taxi.


The above pretty much summarizes the flood and my flu attacks.

After the fever and recovering flu, my skin is so dehydrated. It’s rough, dull and dry. If one word can describe it, it would have to be ghostly.

Have a great weekend ahead.


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