The Journal

Back From Hong Kong

Hello everyone, I am back.
I am still having a flu and coughing away. Stiff neck plus tired feet are no good friends.

I reached home late last night and managed to unpack just a little. Continued my unpacking this morning, check and reply emails. Facebooking for a bit and uploaded some pictures from my camera. A total of 600+ taken during my trip and my shoppings.

Shopped like there is no tomorrow. I feel bad and happy at the same time. Bad for spending and happy with my spendings.

Hong Kong is such a makeup paradise. It’s heaven and I just didn’t even try to stop myself. I don’t want to regret not getting things I like. No clothings bought at all. Only cosmetics.

Good food was another thing I feel bad and happy about. I really need a diet before setting off to Australia. Not that it is going to work in less than a week’s time is it?

Will be staying home to tidy my apartment, unpack and pack over the weekend.

And blogging too.

Thank you so much for joining my first giveaway ever. For the support and ideas you all are giving me. Outfit of the day sounds interesting but I seriously need to shed some weight before doing that. Look of the day is definitely fun, will sure do more.

Good night and have a wonderful weekend ahead. 

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