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Estee Lauder Skincare & A Bliss

Some Estee Lauder skincare from DFS before flying off to Hong Kong last week. When I bought the Idealist about a month ago, I was given a little sample of the Advanced Night Repair. I have been using it every night since then. I feel that my skin has become more supple and surely more radiant.

Even my family and friends realised that. But due to my lack of sleep and stress, my eye bags are real huge.

So, I took this chance to buy them in pair. This Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive Advanced Night Repair Face and Eye was the perfect choice and the set cost S$161. Apparently, I saved approximately S$20.

I have not started using them, will do so when I return from Australia next week or so. I will also be doing a proper review on them in about 2 month’s time. I guess it’s not a simple task to do skincare reviews as it takes a lot longer to see the results and it’s very subjective.

Nonetheless, I will try my best.

On top of the Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive Advanced Night Repair Face and Eye, I also bought the Estee Lauder Idealist Dual-Action Refinishing Treatment which cost S$80 at DFS.

The ideal partner for my Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher. This ultra-gentle, all-in-one treatment is said to give instant, skin-renewing benefits of both micro-dermabrasion and a glycolic acid peel. It comes with Estee Lauder’s exclusive MicroSphere refinishing System which delivers dramatic skin resurfacing benefits.

A soothing, warming effect helps open, detoxify and visibly minimize pores. Apparently it takes only one application to reveal our radiant skin. Sounds like miracle to me. Will try and see how it works.

Not entirely sure if Sephora carries this particular product in Singapore. I believe they do at Bliss Spa at Sephora ION.

However, “afraid” of not being able to get them here, I bought this Steep Clean Cleaning Milk by Bliss all the way from Hong Kong. It’s always the case when I travel. Just because I don’t know everything that is available or not, I tend to buy with the “just in case” thought in mind.

That’s bad.

I ran out of milk cleansers to go with my favourite scrub, the Buffing Grains for Face by Bobbi Brown. You can read about my love here >

Steep Clean Cleansing Milk is a deep pore cleanser for oily/congested complexions. Occasionally, I have very oily and congested skin. It feels extremely heavy and dead. Staying in such a humid country, my skin gets very oily during the day, especially around my T-zone area.

This cleanser claims to reduce visibility of pores and leaves skin soft, bright and refreshed. It contains salicylic acid to perfect problem areas and double-enzyme blend that digests dead cells. Doesn’t it all sound like a perfect match for my buffing grains?

*I have combined all 3 posts together as one and shifted comments over!!

6 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Skincare & A Bliss

  1. EL has an improved version of its ANR eye gel.

    I had been using ANR ( on & off ) since it was launched in the 80’s, it’s a great product, the new SRC is lighter in texture.

    Remember to stock up on Becca, Jurlique & Aesop when you are in Ozzy.

    • My skin is so bad after my HK trip!!
      Need a facial before setting off this Thursday.

      There are only 2 makeup stores I really want to visit when I am there.
      Rest of the time will be spent on sight seeing plus touring local markets.
      Have spent way too much!!

  2. Must be all the yummy food you had.

    Bear in mind MECCA is good but most of the items are over priced.

    Where about in Ozzy are you going to be? You could claim the tourist refund if you spend > AUD 300 in a single receipt

  3. I find most of Bliss milk cleanser tend to leave a residue after rinsing. You should try the clog dissolving cleanser, it will mix well with BB buffing grains.

    Do you like BB buffing grains? I was tempted to try it the last time i was at BB counter.

    Have you tried Bliss steep clean masque? I would recommend that if you like the cleansing milk.

    You can get bliss products through its website, strawberrynet also stocks some of the products but stock level is rather unpredictable.

    • Really? I have not tried the one I got.
      If this Bliss product I like, I may look into their other products =)

      Yes, I love the Buffing Grains.
      I am at my 3rd bottle.
      If you get it, use it max once a week. This is not a scrub for frequent usage, too grain-y.
      Especially for acne prone and/or ultra sensitive skin.

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