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It’s One Hundred & Five

The Cle de Peau BEAUTE Extra Silky Lipstick has topped my chart, my most expensive lipstick so far, maybe ever.

An average Chanel lipstick contains 3.5g of product and YSL contains 4g. They are considered some of the more pricey lipsticks around town if you compare them with MAC. This 105 dollars beauty contains only 2g of product.

I finally realised the fine line between a designer brand and a luxury brand. Honestly, I have never stopped over at aCle de Peau BEAUTE counter before despite hearing all the great things about their foundations. But this brand has always been at the back of my head and it called me over this time.

Of course, I had to pull Sarah over.

The first thing that caught my attention were the lipsticks because I know there is one shade named Just Joey from their new collection. Went on an extreme swatch feast leaving my entire left arm covered in rich, velvety shades. We had a hard time choosing the colour to bring home. Only 1 this time so we had to think carefully. None of us want to go home and regret such an expensive purchase, right?

Faced with the most challenging situation of the day, I decided to go with Cle de Peau BEAUTE Extra Silky Lipstick in #105, a cool pink colour. The texture is truly amazing, fusion of a lipstick and a lip gloss. The shine is incredible and of course irresistable. Smooth and glides on effortlessly and seamlessly.

So, will you splurge on a lipstick?

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