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Wonderful Day With Sarah “Sugar” & The Fishes

Sarah and I finally got time to meet up yesterday. We have been planning for one since months ago.

Initially, we were thinking of having Foot Reflexology but when we arrived at Kenko‘s 313 @ Somerset, we changed our minds. We went for a Rejuvenating Fish Spa instead. Was her first but my second. It still tickles but much better this time.

The ambient was very relaxing and quite. Quite because it was a weekday afternoon I guess. Perfect for us to catch up. Our 30 mins Rejuvenating Fish Spa comes with Internet which we didn’t use at all.

We literally spent the first 10 mins giggling and trying to insert our feet into the pool of hungry fishes. The next 10 mins chatting, 5 more mins playing with the fishes and rest of the time sparing at what the fishes are doing. Sarah was trying to catch a fish with her feet while I was trying to kill one between my feet.

Bet the fishes put on a whole pound after we left.

While chatting, Sarah took out a mua cosmetics paper bag and inside were my birthday presents. I took them out and it was an Empty Magneted Palette from Make Up For Ever which is not available in Singapore yet. I remember seeing it from someone’s blog and commenting about it.

OMG, now I have it.

She also bought me Chanel‘s Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in 23 Discrete. It is such a pretty colour (just by looking at it) which I do not have. I haven’t swatched it yet, it’s a gift and I want to find the perfect moment.

A big thank you, Sarah for the presents. These are really amazing products to have and there are real thoughtful gifts.

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