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A Handy On-Board Travelling Kit

While on board, my skin tend to be very dry due to the change in cabin’s air pressure. If I can, I will not wear any makeup unless there is a meeting or party straight after.

This little on board travelling kit comes in handy if my flight journey is more than 5 hours and I want to look fresh when I touch down.

A very minimal kit. You can probably add a mascara or concealer in there, whatever you need to make yourself look naturally fresh. Not too much but just enough. If flight’s regulations haven’t changed, I would probably bring my entire travel kit but I prefer to travel light.

So, what’s inside this little pouch?

I have a compact powder foundation, lip balm, Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks and an eye brow pencil.

I also packed samples of Chanel’s Cleansing Water for Face & Eyes and Estee Lauder’s Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Cream along with some cotton pads.

The cleansing water helps remove dirt and purify my skin. It’s Mallow extract acts as a toner.

These are the few products I am having on board with me now. Try to pick as few products as possible and travel light. Products which has a duo function will be perfect like the Pot Rouge. And products you can easily apply with your fingers – this means you don’t have to include brushes in this kit.

I feel that these items will help me look more human when I arrive in Melbourne – almost 8 hour flight. As I will not be wearing any eye makeup, I picked a slightly more vibrant lip and cheek colour to cheer myself up.

Remember if you are bringing liquids on board, place them in a zip-lock bag.

Thank you for reading.

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