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My Very 1st Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

My first touches on any Giorgio Armani Beauty products. I have seen them at the airport before but I never had the time to check them out. This time, I made time for them. Spent about an hour going through all their products. It was a guy who served me and he was real friendly and informative. He went through the entire collection with me from bases to brushes.

Heard a lot about the Luminous Silk Foundation and I was this close to getting it. But I didn’t as I really do not need another luminous foundation. Although it’s summer and see-through skins are in trend now, but no thanks – it’s summer all year round in Singapore anyway.

And I don’t want to follow seasonal trend too much, they move too fast and it’s impossible to keep up.

So, I got the Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20 instead and a Micro-Fil Loose Powder in 0 (zero). This loose powder is extremely lightweight and finely milled. The colour I picked is porcelain, very fair which can be used for highlights – something a little different from what I would normally get.

Next in line are two Rouge d’ARMANI Lipstick, their newest lip product.

The packaging is pure style. Sleek and polished black casing with Giorgio Armani’s logo on the front plus it’s magnetic. Magnetic? Yes, this lipstick comes with an exclusive magnetic closure which you can seal with a click.

It got pretty annoying when I was trying to photograph the lipsticks together. The magnets got attracted to each other and kept sticking side by side. I got them in 102 coral beige with shimmer and 103 pink beige. Tempted to get one of those extreme shades but I may not wear them as often which would be a waste.

Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow Palette was another product I wanted to look at but sadly, it wasn’t available yet when I was there. It launched the day I flew back. I would probably get it in Steel Black and/or Bronze Coral For Solar Hues. I managed to check out the Bronze Mediterranean Palette which consist of a bronzer and 4 eyeshadows.

Tempted but nope.

Do share with me if you have used Giorgio Armani’s makeup before. What are the items you have and are you loving them?

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “My Very 1st Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

  1. Excellent choice Joey ! Lasting silk is heaps better than Luminous silk. Armani loose powder is one of the best if not THE best.

    GA compact powder foundation is great as well. But don’t buy it yet, a newer version is out soon in Asia, I think it’s more long lasting & oil controlling than the original one.

    GA lipstick is the epitome of high end lipsticks – great colour, amazing texture, tres chic packaging.

    • I haven’t got the chance to try these products yet.
      Have been poorly again!!
      Will do soon, as I just can’t wait after knowing you love them too.
      Regret not picking up GA Eyes To Kill shadows at Myer =(

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